From the President

August: Notes from the President

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In June the ORCTU Board of Directors set the budget for the calendar year beginning September of 2013.  We had less money to work with this year than last year due to a drop in income from our spring banquet.  The Directors voted to suspend the newsletter, “Fly Paper”,  and insert the usual newsletter content into  Adam Rhinehart has agreed to help set this up, but please understand that the transition may take a month or two.  Not having the newsletter linked to the web site will save the Chapter $1500 per year.  Many thanks are extended to Josh Seehorn for moving the newsletter forward over the past year.

During September 16 Chapter meeting we will take 10 minutes and vote for Chapter Officers and Board of Directors.  As of this writing we do have a full slate of Officers and five of six BOD positions up for voting.  The Officers candidates are:  Jess Jensen Ryan ( President), Steve Hilliard (Vice President), Bob Glasscock (Treasurer) and Meg Garrison (Secretary).  We are still taking nominations for any of these positions and nominations may be given to me in advance or on the floor before the election.  Board of Director candidates are:  Rich Rusk, Lanie Barlow, Danny Jackson,  Zee Nagao & Danielle Ryan.  We still need one Director so please consider helping the Chapter in this matter.  Feel free to contact me for questions, etc.

August’s meeting is special in that we will hear from representatives on two initiatives that the Chapter  financially supports:  Trout Camp & Trout in the Classroom.  This year’s camper, Tom Estes, will tell us how camp went and what he learned.  One of the classroom teachers that Ken recruited for last school year will tell us how the middle school students responded to growing trout from fertilized eggs and releasing the fry into a mountain stream.  We meet at Locos at 1985 Barnett Shoals Road at 7:00pm.  Visitors and members are welcomed.  Arrive early and enjoy a meal.

On July 13, 8 members from ORCTU drove just north of Helen and helped two other TU Chapters work at restoring Martins Branch.  The in stream structures they built will help brook trout survive in a watershed that once was home to the brookies, Georgia’s only true native trout.  Thanks to all who worked on this project and thanks to Steve Hilliard who organized ORCTU’s part in the work.

~ Doug Brown


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