Monthly Meetings

Hi, we’re back.

We’re still exploring the options available through the new national (check it out, opens in a new window), but in the meantime we’ll continue to maintain this site. Thanks for sticking with us!

In the news:

Our January meeting on the 20th was a bit of a scramble, since our scheduled speaker couldn’t make it.  After a quick discussion we decided to split up into groups of 5 or 6 and discuss the following questions, and then share the best with the group:

  1. what’s your dream trip, ie name a place you’ve always wanted to fish
  2. describe your most memorable moment fishing or in the outdoors
  3. share your funniest fishing story (one we haven’t heard before)

What followed were tales of fawns bedded down on sandbars, topless french sunbathers, and a pelican who snatched up a bait mullet and flew off, only to be reeled back in to terrorize his captors.  We had a great time telling tall tales, and shared some touching moments as well.

Join us next month (2-17) when guide Hunter Morris, an ORCTU member, will  discuss great streams near Athens, favorite patterns for this area and season, and fishing private stretches on the Soque and Chestatee Rivers.  See you there!


2 thoughts on “Hi, we’re back.

  1. Great to have it back. Looking forward to some great content. How about putting some of those stories we heard on-line. Or a contest with each month people submitting stories and at the end of the year, award the best story (voted on) with a box of flies or something

  2. Hello Ken, Steve and ORCTU members,
    Delighted to see our website up and running. Special thanks to you, Steve, for taking on this task. Well done, Jess, for pinch hitting for our missing speaker last meeting, and in effect placing all fishers attending front and center as our program. The stories at our table were fascinating.
    I especially enjoyed the story of one of our lady fly fishers, whose name escapes me now, whose father as an old man was dealing with his final illness. She asked him to remember all the places and trips he had taken her when she was young…and I believe he wrote them down. What a lovely project for an old man and his daughter to take on!
    It reminds me of collaborating with my famous father on his memoirs. It was a very similar journey. He was reluctant at first, but I asked him to go back to his earliest memories as a child and start talking. That journey of 80 years did get published.
    And we can do the same with our website.
    Now that Steve has stepped up, let’s support him as best we can.
    Rich Rusk

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