Climate Change Survey, please share your views by Monday

Dear TU Members in Georgia:

There has been much said about climate change, what is causing it and to what extent it will effect the cold water fisheries in the United States and in particular in Georgia. Moreover, there have been surveys taken with very limited data from opinions on the real and perceived effects of climate change.

You are receiving this brief, but important survey with hopes that you will take time to complete it and allow the opinions from Georgia TU members to be heard. The Georgia Council will use the information gathered to help drive our strategies and priorities in our future conservation efforts.

Upon completion of the survey the Georgia TU chapter with the greatest member percentage response will receive a Winston fly rod of their choice to use in their next fund raising event. And the runner up will get a nice prize too!

Please take a few moments to compete this short survey. Thank you for your time.

Take the GA Council Climate Change Survey

The survey references a number of TU documents and policies. You may find those documents below for review:

TU Policy on Climate Change and Responsible Energy Development

Healing Troubled Waters

Climate Change Fact Sheet

Best regards,

M. A. (Mack) Martin
National Leadership Council Rep
Georgia Council Trout Unlimited
Cell & voice mail-(404) 683-0070
In God We Trust”


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