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April 9 banquet items

We’re getting ready for the April 9 fundraising banquet (have you bought your tickets yet?), and we’re pretty impressed with the donations we’ve received.  We’ll pick about 12 of the top items for live auction by our friend John Carter, with the rest available in the silent auction or bucket raffle.  You’ll find some one of a kind items and real deals, check out the partial list and photos below.

To get your tickets in advance (and save money) contact Steve Hilliard, “sghilliard at gmail dot com”, or 706 338 4301.  Tickets are $15 student, $25 single, $40 couple in advance, and $15, $30 and $50 at the door.

desc value donor
Stay for 2 for 2 nights and discounts at UGA Costa Rica 404 UGA Costa Rica
Fishpond 4 space reel case 30 Steve and Amy
Jamie Calkin original watercolor 400 Jamie Calkin
Ken Calkin carved fish 400 Ken Calkin
Johh McGarity handmade rod and fishing gear rack, oak 300 John McGarity
Handmade silk scarf, 6′ yellow and grey, with copper fish pin 80 Steve and Amy
Oenophilia red corkscrew and foil cutter 30 Steve and Amy
Rainbow trout sweater, mens L 30 Steve and Amy
Camo briarproof chaps 40 Steve and Amy
Brossie turkey bag, calls and cap 40 Steve and Amy
Gently used Frabill landing net 20 Steve and Amy
set of four watercolor trout mugs 50 Amy Edwards
Seed flower necklace and earrings 30 Steve and Amy
Antonia Reed cat earrings 18 Steve and Amy
Bird on branch necklace 20 Steve and Amy
Box of 23 flies tied by Bob Rivers, Foothills chapter 34 Bob Rivers/Foothills Chapter
Natural bead necklace (designed by Sandi Loghry) 50 Sandi Loghry
Mollyjogger fly collection 20 Jess and Danielle Jensen-Ryan
“Mushroom Creek” pressed flower painting by Sarah Samsel 100 Steve and Amy
Amethysts set on wavy wire earrings 140 Tricia Ruppersburg, Aurum Jewelry
SGHilliard galaxy bead (pendant) 32 SGHilliard Glass
Two bottles of Wine (Locations Corse and Katie’s Cote) 40 Five Pts Westside Bottleshop
Leaf drop pendant on chain 52 Tricia Ruppersburg, Aurum
Two Viancin silicon bowl seals 30 Steve and Amy
Medical checkup at Madison Family Medicine w/ audiometry, spirometry, EKG and labwork 430 Pamela Hall
Broderick Crawford framed print 150 Rabun Chapter
Guided fishing trip 100 Danny Jackson
Warmwater guided fishing trip 100 Seth Fields
Cajun home cooked dinner for 6, with wine, hosted by Steve and Amy 180 Steve and Amy
handcrafted metal art piece 100 Sylvia Dawe
Cake from Sweetie Pie By Savie Bakery 30 Sweetie Pie by Savie
White River fingerless gloves 5 Oconee River Chapter
Guided trip for two on the Chattooga River 400 Karl Ekburg
Sci Anglers “Anatomy of a Trout Stream DVD 10 Oconee River Chapter
MFC camo fly box 18 Oconee River Chapter
MFC brown trout fly box 18 Oconee River Chapter
Sporting clays shoot for 2 80 Southfork Hunting Preserve
Guided fishing trip (warmwater, Anthony Shoals) 100 Brian Carney
Guided fishing trip (coldwater, NC mountains) 100 Brian Carney
Little St. Simons painting 100 Amy Edwards
South Fork Hunting pheasant shoot for 2 80 Southfork Hunting Preserve
Cine membership, single, one year 75 Cine
bottles of wine and basket 40 Doug Brown
Autographed Charlie Waterman book 20 Doug Brown
One bottle each of Fly Line Cabernet and Fish Eye Cabernet wine 30 David Johnson
Brown Trout print by Carolyn Wilder 100 Carolyn Wilder
Rainbow Trout print by Carolyn Wilder 100 Carolyn Wilder
Berley PowerBait tackle bag w/ three boxes 30 Kenny Moore
Cabela’s All-day transporter fanny pack 90 Dick Measures
Buck pocket knife 10 Oconee River Chapter
Classic Swiss Army knife 14 Oconee River Chapter
Gerber Ripstop knife 13 Oconee River Chapter

Here’s a partial gallery of the items


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