Big T Fish Kill: A Georgian’s Perspective


Just this past weekend I had the opportunity to fish the Big Thompson River in Estes Park, CO with a few friends. Aside from an unusually gusty day (winds around 35mph) I had the opportunity to land a couple trout and, much like the first time you fish any stream, the river, the fish and the memory were automatically catalogued into my mind as a highlight in my time as an angler.

Only a few days after my return to Georgia, I heard the sad news that “The Big T” had a contaminate spill from a construction site alongside the river and thousands of trout went belly-up in the wake of spiked pH levels. While it is easy to get wrapped up in anger or disbelief that these things are happening across the country, there is a hint of a silver-lining; there is an active Trout Unlimited group near Estes Park and just about everywhere else in this country that there is a trout stream. Sometimes, TU groups are called on for more than just fishing, educating and fundraising. Sometimes, TUers are the first line of defense and the first people on scene to pick up the pieces.

The fragile nature of a trout stream’s ecosystem is one of the biggest reasons that Trout Unlimited is so necessary in our expanding world. As the city sprawls expand and the valuable lands alongside coldwater fisheries become more and more accessible, It is more important than ever to protect our natural resources. Let’s make sure that we are as vigilante in our mission to protect our waters as the folks in Colorado are and that we leave clean, coldwater resources for future generations of anglers to enjoy nationwide.

The “Big T Fish Kill” story is below

Source: Big T fish kill: Not again


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