A fund raising request from Christopher Coffman

Christopher Coffman                                        2368 Hillside Trace                                        Monroe, Ga. 30655

Dear Family and Friends,
I am writing to share with you a wonderful opportunity that I have been given.  I was selected to attend this year’s National TU Teen Summit Leadership Conference in Roscommon, Michigan, June 21 – 25.  The TU (Trout Unlimited) Teen Summit is a National Leadership Conference for teens who want to better the future of America’s cold water fisheries.
I know all of you are aware of my passion for fly fishing, fly tying and conserving our rivers and streams for future generations to enjoy.  This has been my field of focus since I was very young.  To me, this opportunity is one more step in the right direction as I learn all I can to prepare myself for a future in this field.   At this Summit I will meet with other teens who have the same interests as I have and we will discuss ideas and tactics for how we can help support the fisheries we love for future generations. At the summit we will be fishing, fly tying, and attending multiple conservation-centered intensives daily.
Being one of 30 teens selected Nationally for this honor is an amazing opportunity for me; and the first part of my journey starts with raising support for my trip.  I am in need of raising support to help pay for roundtrip airfare and camp fees.  I also need prayers for my safety and for the safety of all the kids traveling far from home to attend this Summit.   I have been working two days a week and have saved some money, but the majority of my funding must come from sponsorships as this is part of a requirement to attend. Any help that you feel you could provide would be very much appreciated.

With Much Love,



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