Mission & Goals

The Oconee River Chapter of Trout Unlimited is home to more than 300 volunteer members interested in the conservation, protection, and restoration of North America’s coldwater fisheries.

Located in the Athens, Georgia, metropolitan area, the Chapter is heavily involved in education and outreach to students at nearby University of Georgia’s Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources. Along with our co-sponsoring chapter, the Coosa Valley Chapter, we have invested more than $30,000 in an endowed scholarship at the University of Georgia. Each year, students interested in coldwater fisheries receive a scholarship from this fund.

While we are more than an hour’s drive from the closest trout stream, we continue to grow our conservation agenda through affiliations with other Trout Unlimited chapters. Our current conservation programs effect Stover Creek, Little Rock Creek, and the Chattahoochee River.


While many of our members have the privilege of fishing anywhere in the world and we have the convenience of living within just a few hours of coldwater, warmwater and coastal destinations, we have the responsibility to protect North Georgia’s coldwater mountain streams.

Whether we are taking a veteran fishing to healing waters on local ponds or coldwater streams, teaching kids to fish or sending some to fish camp, volunteering as a resource person for “Trout in the Classroom”, sharing new casts, knots or fly tying ideas with other members, supporting education scholarships and research grants for fisheries biology students at UGA’s Warnell School of Forestry or scientifically testing for water quality with pH, temperature, oxygen content or macroinvertebrate sampling in our cold water streams to determine acid rain effects as we educate ourselves on the impacts of climate change while reducing our carbon footprint, then we are conserving, protecting and enabling awareness of impacts to our watersheds because everyone lives in a watershed.

When we volunteer for river clean-up, testing for water quality, restoring banks with riparian plants, adding cool shade with willow, hemlock and rhododendron, trenching for riffles and replacing silt with river rock where insects once hid and trout used to spawn, our mission is to conserve, protect and restore our coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.


ORCTU annually participates in numerous local conservation projects. Currently, the Chapter is a co-sponsor of an Embrace A Stream grant project on Stover Creek. Other current projects include Little Rock Creek and the Chattahoochee River

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