Climate Change

Climate change activities and resources

Many ORCTU members are concerned about climate change, including the potential impact on coldwater fisheries. Significant warming in the southeast could directly impact the survival of temperature sensitive species such as the Eastern Brook Trout. ORCTU Climate Change Committee members are working on climate change research, outreach and mitigation projects, including our stream temperature monitoring project launched in 2014. This section of the ORCTU site contains CC related information and resources. For more information on the ORCTU Climate Change committee and the Climate Change Coalition contact Rich Rusk, For more information on the stream temperature monitoring project contact Danny Jackson,

CC Committee conference call with Todd Tanner of Climate Hawks

On 6-26-2014 Todd Tanner participated in a Climate Change Committee meeting via conference bridge, discussing his background and the goals of his organization, Climate Hawks. As a feature of the conference bridge service the call was recorded, and Todd has allowed us to make his portion of the call available via the web for those who missed it. Click the link below to listen to the recording (about 30 min in length).

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